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March 19, 2012 by Frontline Copy

blog videos for copywriters and green companiesby Ian Shiel

When you begin working to attract attention to your website, you might be overlooking one very important tool.

Online video.

Sure, the articles and blogs on your website play an important role in attracting visitors and elevating your search rankings by the SEO, but videos are an easy and powerful way to gain SEO momentum fast and begin increasing your rankings … that is, if you have your videos set up to attract visitors

How do you make your videos count?

You can use several techniques to optimize your video content, and most of them are similar to how you make your articles and blogs count — in the text.

Just think, when you are searching for a video, whether it’s on YouTube or another site, how do you pick which ones to watch? Do you choose a video by the screen shot or do you look at the title and read the text that describes the video? Ah ha!

Write your video titles to include as many words as possible that are relevant to your topic or your focus. Do you have a video of kids using a certain product you are selling? Then use the name of the product in the title and figure out a way to add “kid toy” or “kid game” along with it.

The more relevant terms you can include in your title, the more people it will attract who are searching for similar terms. But, beware … you can include so many terms that your title no longer makes sense. The reader has to know what the title means. So, your two guidelines for titles are that they must be clear and relevant.

The video description also matters. Your video won’t speak for itself unless somebody clicks Play. No one will see the awesome, inspiring, jaw-dropping video content you’ve created unless you have a good title and description to lead them to it. The description of your video is also key to it being ranked higher in the search pages. Use the description area to focus more on what you already started in the title. Mention the keyword or combination of keywords at least once. Using the kid’s toy example, give a description of what happens in the video, the kid’s product used, and where your viewers can get more information on the product, which will hopefully lead them back to your website.

Another tool for increasing video rankings is the meta information. Do you think entering all those tags and descriptions is just a pain and doesn’t make a difference? Think again. The meta tags you apply to your video work behind-the-scenes with web crawlers and spiders. Enter relevant tags when you place the video on your website or even on YouTube. The tags will help increase the ratings automatically, so that when a person enters the search term manually, your video will come up.

Once your video is set up on your website or a hosting site like YouTube, allow people to share it. If the video is excellent, they’ll forward it to their friends, relatives, and colleagues who might also enjoy watching it. Make your videos public, and allow viewers to leave comments. Just think of any video that’s ever gone viral — they’ve all been easy to share.

After you’ve posted your video and people are sharing it, keep an eye on it. Always make sure the link is working properly and hasn’t been damaged for some reason. If it’s hosted on a website, make sure to check it so that it works and is sharable by others who view it. After all, having good content only matters if people can see it once they reach it!

Follow these steps and your video content will be easier for both search engines and visitors to find, and you’ll attract the attention you want.

(First published in Wealthy Web Writer, February 2012)

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