Who says we can’t?

March 5, 2012 by Frontline Copy

By Faith Attaguile

I just returned from the AWAI 2012 Web Intensive held at the Catamaran Resort & Spa in San Diego’s Mission Bay.

Someone asked me if I’d felt an “Ah-ha!” moment while there. You know, the kind of moment that suddenly seems to bring everything into focus?

Well, that happened to me on the first day, in the first few minutes of Nick Usborne’s introductory presentation on what motivates us … and keep us motivated.

What moves us forward as copywriters.

To illustrate the kind of emotion he was talking about, Nick showed us this video:

No doubt about it. Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser’s brilliant talent, love of music and creative invention combine into a powerful, unbelievable experience.

Their electric performances throb with life. Their passion for the note … the right one, strong one, perfect one … vibrates from deep within their music.

And because of that, there’s no end to the challenges they seem willing to embrace as they play.

These two 20-somethings (their combined age, I’ll bet, is less than mine!) were trained on classical cello from a very early age … by the very best.

That training shows in their music.

Yet they’ve transformed their classical training into an original footprint all their own, one that literally pulls audiences to their feet, dancing to the beat of the pulsating energy flowing from the bows of 2Cellos.

Their love and passion for their music is irresistible!

It was during that video that my “Ah-ha!” moment took hold.

I thought, what an incredible path these two young men took, courageously stepping out of their classical training into a new musical world they couldn’t wait to try, then took with a storm.

I can just imagine the raised eyebrows and negative nods from people who thought they should stay where they were.

They were damn good there (check out some of their classical videos on YouTube if you don’t believe me) … so … why rock the boat?

But Luka and Stjepan were rockers in more ways than one.

I can just imagine the scene. When people said they couldn’t do what they wanted to do, the two of them probably shrugged their shoulders, picked up their cellos in unison and said with mischievous smiles, “Who says we can’t?”

Indeed. As Nick added, “Who says we can’t … or we can?”

Just like 2Cellos, we’re the makers of our own destinies. Sure, outside factors can help or hinder us. But once we find what we really like to do … and once we find a way to combine ability and love of our work … there’s no stopping us. No looking back. Only moving forward into the new, into change.

Ability … love … creativity … meaningful work. This is what leads to happiness. And happiness is essential to success.

Often, bent on finding success “by whatever means necessary,” we ignore one or more of these elements.

Truth is, if we don’t love what we do, our creativity drops. With no creativity, there’s no happiness. When we aren’t happy, we lose motivation. That’s when we lose the game.

Nick Usborne says, “Find what you’re good at. Love what you do.”

I’ll expand on that a little and say, “Play your words just like 2Cellos play their music. From the inside out, bottom to top. Challenge yourself with them. Challenge others. Use them as a gift to nurture the world. When you’re able to do that, you’ll find the world will nurture you.”

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