Will a busted guitar smash your reputation?

June 11, 2012 by Frontline Copy

Why your green business should be using social media

by Faith Attaguile

Dave Carroll was flying from Nova Scotia to Omaha, Nebraska to play a gig with his band.

Landing in Chicago, Dave was waiting to get off his flight and change planes. Suddenly he heard a woman behind him gasp loudly, “My goodness, they’re throwing guitars out there!”

He leaned over and looked out the cabin window. Then he let out a sharp, “Arghhhh!”

His $3,500 guitar was laying on the ground … smashed to pieces.

For nine months Dave begged United Airlines to replace his cherished guitar. For nine months he asked for help. And for nine months United Airlines ignored him … until Dave took it in his own hands.

He sat down, wrote a catchy song  called "United Breaks Guitars," made a video and posted it on YouTube. Then watched in astonishment as it went viral.

After just a few months over 5,000,000 people had viewed Dave’s video. And United Airlines’ reputation had taken a nosedive.

Watch how Dave Carroll used the power of social media:

There’s a new kid on the block

Playing by the old rules, United Airlines thought Dave would go away if they just ignored him. They were dead wrong.

That’s because social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Google+ are leveling the playing field. They’re giving consumers the power to impact businesses in ways never seen before.

It’s not that you no longer control your product’s brand. You do.

But through these platforms your audience can now impact your reputation in new ways … and if you’re not careful, they can hurt you.

That’s right. The old marketing model has morphed into a new kid on the block.

And this new “kid” puts everything right on the table. Creates one-on-one relationships where your customers can talk directly to you … and where they expect direct answers.

So ignoring social media can be dangerous. Making it a valuable tool in your marketing toolbox can provide great new outreach opportunities for you by:

  • engaging  your audience around your message
  • rallying them with your own engagement in the larger community
  • discovering more about your customers ... what are their biggest problems? How can you help them?

Work it right -- rally and engage your audience -- and your social media presence can help place you on the front lines of your industry.

Put the "social" into your green marketing strategy

As a green business, you’re committed to sustainable values. You embrace transparency in operations.

By its very nature, social media is transparent. Here, there’s a level playing field between you and your community … so you should feel right at home!

Social media is an ideal way for your green business to connect to your customer base. Talk about how your product reflects a commitment to sustainability. Build trust and credibility. And lead by example through community participation.

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