21 Easy Steps to a Green Business Blog that Matters

January 21, 2013 by Frontline Copy

by Faith Attaguile

The Business Blogger's Manifesto cover web

Are you looking for those nuggets of gold that can help you lift your green business blog to the top?

You'll find them here!

The "Business Blogger's Manifesto" -- just published! -- is packed with blogging philosophy jewels key to ensuring your success as a business blogger in the sustainable world.

Written in partnership with Valerie Leroyer over at KayakCanoeBlogger.com, this Manifesto reveals 21 core actions necessary for you to build a vibrant green business blog.

It won’t take you long to browse through the slides. A colleague of mine called them eye candy...

And they are!

Hugged by exquisite photos of our beautiful planet, the actions each slide suggests you take will feel easy and natural to you.

See for yourself:

Boldly blogging where no one’s blogged before …

Whether you’re a small or large green company. Whether you already have a business blog, or are thinking about starting one … you know that building and maintaining a lively and relevant blog can be daunting.

Knit these guiding beliefs into your blogging strategy. They'll help keep your eye on the prize as you move forward into the business front lines of the green world.

When you do that, you’ll soon be boldly blogging … where no one’s blogged before.

Snag your free copy!

Get your personal copy of our Business Blogger’s Manifesto by downloading the PDF version now. It’s free!

That’s so you can easily share this with as many of your colleagues as possible, helping you and others build green business blogs that lead to a more sustainable world.

Here’s the link for your own copy:

The Business Blogger's Manifesto cover web

You’re also welcome to share the Manifesto with others to spread the word. Here’s how:

  • Make a social payment
  • Email this link to a colleague or others you know working to build a more eco-friendly planet
  • Print the Manifesto to keep in your files or give it to someone else in the green living world.
  • Or share your thoughts, insights or takeaways on Twitter using the hashtag #bloggersmanifesto


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