Is Social Media Madness Driving You Crazy?

August 2, 2013 by Frontline Copy

Find Social Media Sanity in 5 Easy Steps

by Faith Attaguile

Green biz social media, social media stragtegyMany green businesses jump onto the social media bandwagon without thought. They're making a big mistake.

As Seth Godin notes, “Networking is always important when it’s real,
but it’s a useless distraction when it’s fake.”

Fake networking in the social media world takes over when you don’t know why you’re there in the first place.

Answer the following questions and you’ll begin your journey toward social media success and avoid that mistake.

The 5 Key Questions

one What are your goals?

You need to define your social media goals in order to map out your journey. So think of everything you might want to accomplish through a social media presence and make a list. For instance, do you want to:

  • Build your green brand?
  • Engage your audience?
  • Improve customer service?
  • Promote one or all of your products (if so, which ones)?
  • Generate leads?
  • Promote a part of your eco business (if so, which part)?

Perhaps you want to publicize an upcoming conference or workshop. Or promote a community project.

Maybe it’s several of these things, one … or something else altogether. It doesn’t matter. Write all of them down, and then pick your top three. These will be your primary goals.

twoWhat sets you apart from your competition?

As Corbett Barr said, “The difference is the difference.” Begin defining this difference by answering these questions:

  • What do you stand for?
  • What unique benefit does your brand, product or service offer that you can make part of your green message?

If you’re not clear about this, begin by looking at your competitor’s websites (up to 10 is good). Then answer these questions:

  • Who’s their audience?
  • What’s their unique message?
  • What do you like (or not) about their customer service?
  • What social media platforms are they using (and why)?

After you’ve studied your competitors, write down what sets you apart from them. For instance:

  • Are you better at customer service?
  • Does your product or service offer a benefit (or benefits) that your competition doesn’t provide?
  • Are you more transparent?

These steps will help you define the difference – uniqueness – that puts your green biz ahead of the others.

You will use this difference to promote your company in the social media world

threeWho’s your audience?

Effective social media outreach demands that you define the “persona” groups in your audience.

So first, identify your audience. Will you be reaching out to:

  • Existing customers?
  • Prospective customers?
  • Influencers in your industry?
  • Industry media/authors?
  • Other groups?

Second, develop a “persona” for each audience group you identify. What do they care about? How old are they? What are their needs, wants and challenges? Dig even deeper to profile rich personas for each of your groups.

When you address issues that resonate with your audience, you’re more like to get vibrant engagement and growth.

fourWho’s on your team?

Knowing this will define what you can and can’t do initially. Perhaps your first team will be just you. But is there anyone else in your company who can:

  • Manage your social media presence on a daily basis?
  • Write blogs and/or share content?
  • Follow the metrics by tracking, monitoring and reporting on social media activities so you know what’s working (and what isn’t)?

Of course, there’s always the option of outsourcing part or all of your social media work, freeing you up for other critical management activities.

The bottom line?

Develop a social media strategy that’s in line with your available people power. You want to get positive results with what you have rather than be stretched to exhaustion from what you don’t have.

fiveWhat’s your budget?

You wouldn’t go on a trip without a travel budget. It’s the same with social media.

Consider these things as you develop your social media budget:

  • How much can you invest in social media in the next 6-10 months?
  • Will it have a startup and launch budget?
  • A budget for a specific campaign?
  • Does it include a management budget for ongoing work?
  • Will you hire outside help?

Remember, your budget will change as you move forward and grow.

But you must know the money power you can apply to fuel your social media work in order to grow and expand to a higher level without imploding.

5 Easy Steps…

Goals. Uniqueness. Audience. Team. Budget.

You’ve now laid out the five foundational steps needed to kickstart your green business into social media success.

Here's the Slideshare version of these steps to sanity:

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