3 Vital Reasons Why You Need a Business Blog

February 10, 2014 by Frontline Copy

by Faith Attaguile

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Social media expert Dan Zarella said, “If you’re not blogging, you’re doing something wrong.” If that’s you, here’s why you should grow your business blog now.


1. Blogs are First-Stringers in the Social Media World

The word “blog” didn’t exist when Justin Hall began the tradition in 1994 as a Swarthmore student. It took a while for the idea to catch fire, but once it did there was no going back. Here’s how it went…

In 1999 there were just 23 blogs on the internet. By 2011 Invesp.com was counting 164 million:

green business blogs and farming blogs

From: http://www.invesp.com/blogosphere.jpg


And by the end of 2013 about 250 million blogging fires had spread around the internet. Blogging had gone mainstream, providing a hot opportunity for businesses to get noticed in their market niches.

Of course, not all bloggers are business bloggers. Indeed, hobbyists (they blog for fun, not business impact) make up about 60% of all bloggers.

But as of 2011, 21% of those 250 million blogs were business blogs of one sort or another. And that group is increasing in numbers at a rapid pace.

2.   With This Amazing Growth, Green Business Blogs are Growing Fast, Too

If the business blogging world is expanding leaps and bounds, the smaller green business blogging niche is a growth market, too.

Truth is, we live in a time of great change. Issues regarding product sustainability, energy and food security are front and center in the minds of increasing numbers of people.

This is reflected by the rise of farm blogs and green blogs in general.

Just take a look Seametrics for a list of the Top 50 Farm Blogs and Top 50 Agriculture Blogs in the U.S. today.

Cause.Matters offers a regional breakdown with its farming blog list. More generally, Technorati lists 13,046 green blogs.

If your green business blog isn’t on this list, why not start your blogging journey now so you, too, can become an influencer in your niche?

And just in case you think this is out of your reach, take a minute and notice what the Cornucopia Institute has achieved. This small but passionate organization took 91st position on Technorati’s list!

"Promoting Economic Justice for Family Farming"

From: http://www.cornucopia.org/


Cornucopia’s tag line is “Promoting Economic Justice for Family Scale Farming.” Its mission? Supporting all folks farming and consuming in the organic production niche.

How did a company operating in such a small market niche (family scale farming in the era of industrial agriculture!) grow from a micro-influencer into a macro-influencer in the green world?

Through focused attention and savvy use of blogging and other social media tools, that’s how! First, Cornucopia used these tools to become a micro-influencer inside the family-scale farming niche. Then it built on them to grow into a macro-influencer in the larger green niche.

I’d say that’s not bad for a small non-profit organization based in Wisconsin, dependent on donations and grants for its lifeblood.

The takeaway here? If Cornucopia Institute can do it -- you can, too!

3.   You’ll Miss the Train Without a Blog That Claims a Front Seat in the Green Business World

How to create such a blog?

Your difference from the others (content quality is important, too – but “difference” is the first thing you must define).

If you’re just starting a blog (or already have one but haven’t done the following), take a closer look at the other business blogs in your niche. Make a list of the ones you like and don’t like.

Identify what they’re doing to stand out in the crowd (or get lost in the crowd) by answering these questions:

  • What subjects are they writing about?
  • How often do they write posts?
  • How often do they post to other social media sites?
  • What subjects are getting the most shares?
  • Do they write about controversial subjects and if so, what kind of response/discussion do they get?
  • What kind of blog structure do they use (white space, photos, killer headlines, good hook)?
  • What do you like about the blog?
  • What do you dislike about the blog?
  • What would you do differently? How would you improve it?

Discovering what others are doing will help you define what you can do to make your blog different from all the others. Carving out a “difference” is a first step (but not the only one) toward getting noticed.

Carve out your “difference” and you’ll be on your way to growing your green business blog into a micro-influencer in your market niche.

And -- just like Cornucopia Institute has done -- once you’ve become a micro-influencer, the sky’s the limit!

Are You Ready?

If you’re just starting a business blog (or even if you already have one), take a look at these two free guides. They’re full of tips and tricks to help put you on the right “difference” path:

Whether you offer eco-products, services or are in the organic farming community, the stats show that your GreenBiz blog, in partnership with other social media platforms, can help increase your audience, get you noticed and grow your business.

If you need help, we can provide guidance as you begin this exciting journey. What you are waiting for?

Give us a call at 855-263-2985 or contact us here so we can chat about your needs and goals. Let’s begin growing your green business blog into influencer status!

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