B2C & B2B green businesses:

Offline Copy:

Is your on-the-ground sales team
winning the race for you?

No doubt about it: Your offline sales team is as critical to your success as the one working for you online.

Just what constitutes membership on this team? Marketing materials like Articles, White Papers, Press Releases ... even Speeches. Basically, any copy offering important information on your business ... selling your green product or service ... or serving as a lead generator.

And if you’re not making effective use of this on-the-ground unit, you’re missing out on important opportunities to grow your green business.

How we'll help develop your offline presence
into a powerful on-the-ground sales team:

    • Press Releases. About to release a new product or service? Just received an endorsement or award? If so, it’s time to write a Press Release to tell the world (and your prospects) about it.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    • White Papers and Case Studies. Put these to work during sales presentations or as leave-behinds at conferences, trade shows and other events. You’ll be using one of the most powerful tools available for generating leads and increasing sales. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    • Speeches. Speak for yourself with our speeches. We understand the green living world. You’ll impress your prospects (and your competition) with your earth-friendly ideas and sustainable approach to problem solving.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    • Sales Letters/Brochures. Sell your green product or service through a successful direct mail approach. Tease, hook, capture and push the reader into action with our persuasive copy.   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    • Writing, copyediting, proofreading. If you need a helping hand writing Newsletters or Articles, we’ll take you from first draft to final product without a hitch. Our copyediting and proofreading expertise will polish your project right into the winner’s circle.

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