Writing Resumes Secret #1:

All you have is a split second!

Our resumes will buy you that precious time.

So you can get that interview...and land the job you want.


Face it...

Your resume will be one of dozens, maybe even hundreds (especially in this economy) coming in for one job posting.

So it better be eye-catching. It better create the right kind of interest in you straightaway.

We say “right kind of interest” because this isn’t about gimmicky formats or “cool” fonts.

It’s about writing in a way that your prospective employer will know whether or not she wants to read on…

In the first split second.

So ...  instead of throwing out your resume with all the others … she keeps it, reads it, and calls you in for an interview.

Once that happens, it’s all about convincing her you’ll help in her company’s success.

This doesn’t mean we'll throw in the kitchen sink of all your job experiences. No.

It means we'll customize your experiences in a way that meet the requirements of the position you’re seeking.

And of course there’s more … but don’t worry about that.

Leave it to us. With our resume you’ll grab her attention for sure.

Then it's on to your interview … starting your new job … and beginning your new career.

Are you ready?

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