Autoresponders for B2B & B2C green companies:

Are you tired of failed email campaigns?

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 Our autoresponders will entice, capture, link
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What exactly is an autoresponder, anyway?

On the surface, it's a series of emails sent to prospects or customers over a period of weeks or months. "Autoresponder" simply refers to the automated system used to conduct your email campaign.

Underneath, your autoresponder campaign is your "sales force in the field." Here's how ...

Imagine that someone has visited your web page. They don't make a purchase but do opt-in for a freebie download. (Don't have one? We can write it for you!)

But there's a hitch: they have to give you their email address to get the free download.

What do you do with that email address? You send out an autoresponder series to gently bring them back to the sales message on your website.

How you say it and what you say depends on your green product or service. It also depends on who you're writing to. If it's a prospect, you'll write one way. If it's a customer, you'll write another.

In the end it's all about bringing them back into the fold.

The lure ... the capture ... the link ...

We'll write your autoresponder series using a proven formula that works every time.

Your "sales force in the field" will increase return traffic to your website. Then your conversions will increase. And your profits will begin to soar. It's a slam dunk.

Ready to start now?

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P.S. Think of it this way ...

Let's say you have a 2% conversion rate on your website. That means 98 out of 100 people aren't buying your product.

But if you capture their email with a download freebie and send them a good follow-up email series, the chances of converting them when they do return to your website are much higher. Your can double your initial conversion rate to 4%. And it goes up from there.

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