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green business blog for your sustainable businessWhy build an eco-business blog?

First, try exposure. But increased trust and credibility or other gains.

Then there's the possibility of getting more traffic … leads … and conversions.

A blog isn’t just about providing information on your green product or service. It’s also about providing new information, generating discussion, and showing leadership in your industry.

And all this really counts when it comes to the success of your sustainable business.

Indeed, the facts are in. A recent business blogging study showed that companies with blogs enjoy 55% more visitors to their websites than those without blogs.

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Is your green business blog in need of rehab?

Your business blog should be an essential part of your overall social media strategy.

To be successful, your blog should rest on a strong blogging business plan foundation, identifying your:

  • goals
  • audience
  • competition
  • blog content
  • blog marketing plan

Do you have a blogging business plan? Of does your existing plan need some strengthening?

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