Just in case you didn't know...

Speeches aren’t for Sissies.

It takes a lot of spunk, speaking in front of strangers...
and capturing their attention spot on.

With our speech you'll get their attention. You'll keep it.
And you'll be remembered.

That's because we know
the first big secret about good speeches:

They’re written for ears to hear, not eyes to read.

Good speechwriting often ignores the writing rules of print media. That's done to protect the sound, cadence and passion of the spoken word.

Good speeches have a language of their own. A personal language. If used well they can make us laugh or cry. Spark our imagination. Or prompt us to act.

Which brings us to …

The second big secret about good speeches:

Engagement and connection are key. A good speech will engage your audience from the start as you walk down the path of your message. If engaged, your audience may not remember the details of what you say. But they’ll remember their feeling of connection with you.

They’ll remember you and the essential elements of your message. As opposed to the others ...

What we’ll do for you:

  • Research your event and the needs of your audience
  • Research your topic so you’ll speak well and be right
  • Root your message so it shines through your speech
  • Write your speech for the ear not the eye
  • Write your speech to engage and connect

All this means you’ll deliver a chart-buster speech. You’ll be appreciated. You’ll be remembered.

Do you need a government or corporate speech? A non-profit sector speech? A motivational or personal speech? Do you need something for a Power-Point training or informational presentation?

No matter the occasion, we'll help you write a smash-hit speech.

How could you pass this up?

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