Top Food, Farming, GMO & Eco Stories for August

August 31, 2014 by Frontline Copy

by Faith Attaguile

Top Food, Farming, GMO  & Eco Headlines for June

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Don’t  miss our picks for cutting-edge stories in August! From the GMO debate to urban agriculture to the struggle to protect our planet -- here they are …



Local Food, Farming & Communitybigstock-Helping-Hands-Eps-2204510

Farming practices and climate change at root of Toledo water pollution

From Toxic algal blooms in Lake Erie caused by phosphorus runoff and 400,000 affected by unsafe water supply in Toledo, OH

Regenerative Agriculture: Sowing Health, Sustainability and Climate Stability

From while agriculture is the foundation of civilization and of any stable economy, it is also, when poorly practiced, the most destructive industry—even more so than coal mining.

Outside Capetown: Growing Food for Life

From This short film profiles two amazing women living outside of Cape Town whose lives have greatly improved as a result of learning to garden.

Coconut water: how its popularity has affected the supply chain

From Once seen as a useless byproduct, coconut water is rapidly rising to prominence. What impact is it having on coconut farmers?

Weed blaster shows promise as alternative to herbicides

From The method, gaining attention from organic farmers, uses grit such as corncob bits instead of chemicals to protect crops.

How Crowdfunding and the Share Economy Are Growing Sustainable Food

From Peering through the windows opened up by two crowdfunding initiatives gives a clear view of rather different trajectories of the burgeoning "sharing economy."

10 Great Urban Agriculture Projects in San Antonio

From The local sustainable food movement is alive and thriving in San Antonio, Texas.


Landscape, summer forest gladeEnvironment

Exxon Begins Drilling Russia's Pristine Arctic Waters

From Despite U.S. sanctions, drilling marks business-as-usual for international oil giant

Mutant fish in the Susquehanna River

From Smallmouth bass with grotesque open sores have been discovered in Pennsylvania's sick waterway

California bans plastic bags

From The California Senate voted 22-15 late to pass a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags.


GMO: Content and ControversyGMOs: Content & Controversy

When China Spurns GMO Imports, American Farmers Lose Billions

From For a while, China was the American farmer's best friend. The world's most populous nation had so many pigs and chickens to feed, it became one of the top importers of U.S. corn and soybeans almost overnight.This year, though, the lovely relationship has gone sour, all because of biotechnology.

Connecting the Dots: Honey Export Loss Leads Mexico to Dump Monsanto’s GM Soy

From Mexican judge rules that the Yucatán region’s honey trade, which is crucial to the local economy, could not co-exist with the cultivation of Monsanto’s genetically modified soybeans.

ANOTHER LOOK: Study: Monsanto GMO food claims probably false

New research reveals that plant breeding, not genetic engineering, is responsible for yield increases in US crops.

Seeds of Doubt: An activist’s controversial crusade against genetically modified crops

From Michael Specter trashes Vandana Shiva.

Seeds of Truth

From Shiva responds to Specter.

Why Vandana Shiva is so right and yet so wrong

From Nathanael Johnson uses Specter article to “objectively” trash Vandana Shiva.

Gunning for Vandana Shiva: The New Yorker, GMOs and Chemical Farming

From Louis Proyect goes for the jugular – and gets it right.


Renewable Energy Climate ChangeEnergy/Climate Change

Fracking’s Unlikely Opponent: German Breweries

From Brewers say that contaminated groundwater would ruin a centuries-old tradition and industry.

First Nation Will Evict Mining Company After Massive Spill Contaminated Area Water

From a British Columbia First Nation plans to evict Imperial Metals Corp. over another project on their territory.

Victory for Local Action as Coal Export Terminal Rejected in Oregon

From Rejection of  permit for Ambre Energy project marks the first time a Pacific Northwest state agency has formally rejected a coal export facility

Solar Is so Popular Right Now, We’re Facing a Shortage of Panels

From The price per watt of solar power is going through the floor while worldwide installed capacity is going through the roof

Hundreds Of Californians Have No Tap Water Due To Drought, Receiving Bottled Water Rations

From California’s extreme drought has dried up tap water supplies for hundreds of people living in rural San Joaquin Valley homes.

The U.N.’s latest report on climate change is terrifying

From We know that greenhouse gas emissions are through the roof, and that climate change is already happening in a big, bad way, and that it’s only getting worse. But did you see the news stories about the latest draft report from the IPCC? They are positively horrifying!


business sustainabilityThe Rocky Road to Business Sustainability

Tesla and Panasonic Agree to Build Battery Gigafactory

From Two companies, one long a leader in battery manufacturing, the other an upstart disrupting the entire industry, have agreed to work together and build a large-scale battery factory in the United States.

Walmarting Organics: Will the Growth of “Big Organic” Lower Food Quality, Weaken Standards, and Destroy Farmers’ Livelihoods?

From Is Walmart’s organic expansion “good news or bad news” for the industry?

How America's Largest Worker Owned Co-Op Lifts People Out of Poverty

From Cooperative Home Care Associates has 2,300 workers who enjoy good wages, regular hours, and family health insurance. With an investment of $1.2 million into the cooperative sector, New York City is hoping to build on the group's success.

Fairtrade coffee enters a new era with Cafédirect

From How Cafédirect balanced social impact and environmental concerns to launch the first 100% Fairtrade coffee pods, a sustainable alternative in a growing market

Can supermarkets ever be sustainable?

From Walmart’s new boss is on a mission. Will his drive for renewable energy and waste reduction transform the supermarket model?

Five sustainable boondoggles: greenwashing all the way to the bank

From From SeaWorld’s “Cup That Cares” to an underground beer fridge – these products are touting green creds that may not exist

Could Marketing Fresh Produce Like Junk Food Get Kids Eating More Fruits and Vegetables?

From Bolthouse Farms, “a bunch of carrot farmers,” is aiming to get kids to ditch the junk food for fruit and veggies through a unique marketing campaign

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