A little bit about us..

Hello! I'm Faith Attaguile, and I own FrontlineCopy.com.

I specialize in strengthening the impact of your green message in the sustainable living world.

Where I come from…

I grew up on a 250-year-old New England dairy farm. My parents taught me how good soil was the backbone of good food. How green living was the key to sustainable life. We worked hard and lived close to the land.

That was when my interest in alternative energy and green building practices took root. When my passion for nurturing our Earth Garden grew.

It’s this passion that underlies the empathy I’ll communicate to your customers ... promoting trust in your product or service.

I understand and live their concerns. I know how to link their core emotions and desires with the key elements needed for purchase decisions.

Whether site auditsweb content and SEO campaigns, autoresponders, white papers, case studies, speeches, articles or newsletters ...

I’ll do the job for you. I'll write copy that sells without selling out.

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By-the-seat-of-your-pants training…

I have marketing experience as owner of several of companies, including ...

  • a construction/rehab company
  • a desktop publishing company
  • a real estate investment company

My building rehab company joined other “pioneers” as they first moved into Chicago’s West Side. I bought a 4-unit apartment building. With a partner I scrubbed it up … brick by brick.

We later bought other buildings to rehab. The learning curve was long and deep. But it gave me a broadened understanding of green building practices which I can now offer to you.

During these years I wrote and designed ads and marketing brochures for my own companies.

I did that for other companies as well. My desktop publishing company required management of a variety of projects for customers in the legal, educational and business fields. All according to the standards and under the deadlines of each.

You can read the appreciative comments of one of my clients in the right sidebar of this page. (For more kudos check out the Applause section.)

While living in Chicago I co-edited and published a journal on worldwide indigenous issues. Many of its articles addressed environmental and sustainable living concerns.

It demanded the highest standards of research, writing, editing, copyediting and design know-how. More often than not we completed our work under the shadow of looming deadlines … always met.

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Full immersion training …

My academic career began with a B.S. in Sociology from The American University (Washington, D.C.) and an M.A. in Political and Social Science from The New School (NYC). It continued to include a Certificate to teach English as a Second Language from TESOL International in New York City and WordWide ESL Institute in San Diego.

I've been a copywriter by necessity for companies owned and clients served.

I’ve learned the copywriting craft by choice from American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI). This intensive training has deepened and sharpened my copywriting and marketing expertise.

I’m a member of AWAI’s Circle of Success group. I’m also a member of the Professional Writers’ Alliance. I’m an SEO-certified copywriter by SEO industry leader Heather Lloyd-Martin. And I’ve done private coaching with autoresponder giant Jay White.

What does this mean for you?

Cutting-edge writing giving you copy that stirs. Creative marketing expertise bringing you profits that soar ...

How does that sound?

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