"She brings ruthless perfectionism
and an artist's eye to everything she touches."

Faith simply rocks. I’ve worked on journals, e-newsletters and information campaigns with her for a long time. What you need, she gets solid – writing rescue of any and all sorts, editing, proofing, research, layout and artwork – on time and with all the ethics of credit and permissions squared away. I know I can use what she gives me with no worries and with reliably accurate and beautiful results. She brings ruthless perfectionism and an artist’s eye to everything she touches.

mmmMichele Cheung, Adjunct Professor
mmmmUniversity of Southern Maine, Portland, ME

"Her work was critical to the high impact of my presentation and marketing materials, turning potential clients into paying ones."

My company is focused on women’s fitness issues. When I started it several years ago I needed someone to help me with all the start-up materials necessary for such a venture. Faith was there every step of the way. Her work was critical to the high impact of my presentation and marketing materials, turning potential clients into paying ones.

mmmMaria Lourdes Cordero, President
mmmmDream2Reality Fitness, Chicago, IL

“I'm always impressed by Faith's copy. She knows how to tap into the wants, needs, desires and problems that a prospect is experiencing, then position the product as the solution in a natural, easy-flowing manner."

mmmJay White

“You're now part of a very elite group of SEO copywriters who have spent the time to gain Certification and showcase their expertise. And now, you'll be able to confidently go forth and create top-positioning content that converts like crazy for your clients….”

mmmHeather Lloyd-Martin
mmmmOwner, SuccessWorks; Founder, SEO Certification Program

"She is simply superlatively good
at what she does."

I have been the beneficiary of Faith’s intelligence and broad repertoire of skills for years now. When I worked as a consultant to a number of educational and social service organizations, I relied on her to help me produce a variety of documents such as government and foundation proposals, budgets, resumes, press releases and the like. When I was director of my own non-profit, Faith was essential to the publication of a newsletter on education for which she did the composition, layout and design — not to mention all the proofreading and copyediting. She is simply superlatively good at what she does.

mmmBruce R. Thomas, Founder/Director
mmmmInventure, Chicago, IL