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White Papers:
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"About 90% magazine article that educates ... and 10% brochure that markets."

That’s what your White Paper should be.

“But if only 10% of it markets,” you might ask, “How can it be a good marketing tool?”

The answer's simple: They're good marketing tools because they're passed around a lot.

By their very nature White Papers are informative and interesting. They introduce new solutions to old problems or challenges. A White Paper’s primary purpose is to lead your prospects through the nooks and crannies of evaluation decisions. To educate them on the possibilities.

For that reason White Papers often get passed from staff to department heads to senior executives … right on up to CEOs. They’re also known to flow outward to peers and acquaintances. Some even go viral.

Pitch at our peril, though…

But don’t fall into the trap of including a salesy product pitch throughout your White Paper.

Its marketing element must be low-keyed and gentle. If you present it any other way you’ll lose credibility and strike out big.

We’ll get it right for you.

The great thing is, White Papers are proven marketing tools for generating leads and selling your product.

We know the steps to writing winner White Papers. Hire us. Make your sales. Then enjoy your profits.

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