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Is Social Media Marketing
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A few reasons why your green business
can thrive with a social media presence ... 

When SocialMediaExaminer asked marketers to list the top five benefits they gained from social media marketing, this is what they found:

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Benefits of social media marketing, from 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report (

No doubt about it ... the numbers are in.

Social media marketing should be part of your overall green marketing plan.

But before jumping on the bandwagon, remember ...

 "Networking is always important when it's real,
and it's a useless distraction when it's fake."

— Seth Godin

How to transform a (pricey) useless distraction
into a (priceless) useful tool

First, take the time to write your backstory. It's key to discovering which social media platforms would be the best fit for your company. You need to answer questions like:

  • Why do I think social media can help my green business?
  • What are my goals?
  • Who is my audience?
  • How many resources can I devote to it?
  • What's my budget?

Don't worry if you're not sure about your answers. Talk with us.

We'll help you develop a Social Media Roadmap for your green company to bring in the results you're looking for.

Are you ready?

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re in or out of the social media world at the moment.

Either way, you need a social media plan ... a roadmap to guide you on your journey.

We'll help you discover your most effective route. Walk beside you every step of the way. Show you how to “talk” your green message in a way that benefits you most in the social media world.

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